Episode 28: Harvee Pene of Inspire CA Resources


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Two of the most important topics that this podcast series has touched on are value - how do you demonstrate value to your clients? The other is core purpose - how do you establish real meaning behind the work in your accountancy firm?

In this discussion with Harvee Pene from Australia you'll hear Harvee share his methodologies for getting absolute clarity around the quantification of value for his clients. 

You'll also hear Harvee describe an acronym around the word RESULTS. And how that helps differentiate himself,  his team and his firm from all the other firms in Australia.

Listen in to Harvee on this HumaniseTheNumbers.online podcast and see what you think of Harvee's insights and ideas. Could you apply any of these insights to your accountancy firm so that you're more relevant to your clients, more relevant to your team and you achieve the results you want for your firm?

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1. Listen to this fascinating and inspiring podcast with Harvee Penn and hear what his answer is to the question "Do accountants set out to change lives - or is it a happy accident?"


2. Smart decisions for your business versus Health decisions for your business, what does this really mean and what does this mean to Harvee Penn and his team at Inspire?


3. How can you help others find their purpose and perspective? Listen to Harvee Pene share his experiences of how this has happened for him and the importance of having a core purpose for him and his team.  https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-28-harvee-pene-of-inspire-chartered-accountants/

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1. Listen to this review of the podcast discussion with Harvee Pene of Inspire CA. Harvee shares his insights on purpose and values and helps us understand what the word RESULTS means to him. Listen here:



2. How can you help others find their purpose and perspective? Listen to Harvee Pene shares his insights into how you establish a real meaning behind the work you do and the importance of having absolute clarity on the value of this work, both for his team and his clients.


3. In this podcast conversation with Harvee Pene you'll hear Harvee share a critical metric used in his firm that drives everything else. It enabled Inspire CA in Australia (Harvee's firm) to determine and quantify the impact that their firm has on any of their clients at any given time. Listen here to understand how he defined and built this model.


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