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This is podcast 1 of 5 of the ACCA Strategy Series

Is it worth the time, the effort, the energy in talking strategy in an accounting firm?

Well, this was a question posed to me by ACCA.

So on this podcast, you'll hear Douglas Aitken a colleague of mine, and I talk about the core elements of strategy and how those core elements can deliver a true return on investment to you and your firm.

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1.  Listening to @shrimpers talking with Doug Aitken on implementing strategy in an accountancy firm

ii) Is 5 years too big a window for  a strategy plan in your firm?

People talk about a strategy being about vision and goals and values and those things are important, but it's not enough. You've got to have a route map to deliver the strategy and navigate the decisions.

iv)   Why does your accountancy firm really exist?  What is the purpose behind what you do every day?  Listen in to this conversation about purpose and strategy in firms

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1.Here's Paul Shrimpling sharing the review of his conversation with Doug Aitken as the first part of the five part ACCA strategy series

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2. Why do people in accountancy firms avoid thinking about strategy?  In this first conversation of 5 as part of the ACCA Strategy series Douglas Aitken posed this question.

3. In this discussion between Doug Aitken and Paul Shrimpling you'll hear the full story on how as accountants we can go about not just defining, but implementing,embedding and navigating the route to a successful strategy that will have a long lasting and far reaching impact on your firm, your team and your clients

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