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This is podcast 3 of 5 of the ACCA Strategy Series

Where's the value in having a crystal clear sense of purpose for your accountancy firm?

On this podcast discussion, you'll hear from James Lizars and Steph Rickaby, two sole owners of two modest size accounting firms that think big about their core purpose.

And you'll hear Paul Shrimpling ask them, where's the payoff?  Where's the value in having, building, creating and living a real sense of purpose?

 Here's the discussion with James and Steph now...

Tweets For This Episode 

1.  Listening to @shrimpers talking purpose with Steph Rickaby of @Sunfloweraccs and @JamesLizars of Thrive Accountants

ii) Where does your firm's purpose evolve from?  Listen in from 10m 30s to hear Steph Rickaby of @sunfloweraccs describe how she talks purpose with her clients.

iii)@jamesLizar describes his approach that uses business purpose as a qualification process for new clients.

Listen in at 12m55s to hear his insights.

iv) Where is the pay off in having a purpose for recruitment?  Listen in at 29m and 35s

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1.Here's Paul Shrimpling sharing the review of his conversation with Steph Rickaby of Sunflower Accounts and James Lizars of Thrive Accountants as the third part of the five part ACCA strategy series

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2. Is your firm's purpose clear enough to attract and recruit the right type of people? In this discussion around purpose with Steph Rickaby of Sunflower Accounts and James Lizars of Thrive Accountants you'll hear Steph sharing the clear purpose in her firm.

3. In this podcast discussion James Lizars of Thrive Accountants shares how he set out to hire a part time book-keeper for a certain amount of money and ended up recruiting a full time book-keeper on more money than he intended and what happened next...

4. When you get to a place where you've got clarity on purpose, you're making a promise to your team, a promise to your clients, and a promise to the wider community as well.

There's a downside risk attached to that also. Is this downside risk what dissuades people from even grasping the nettle on pursuing a crystal clear purpose. What are your thoughts on this?

From 42mins 44 seconds  in on this ACCA strategy series podcast you'll hear Paul Shrimpling discussing just this with James Lizars of Thrive Accountants and Steph Rickaby of Sunflower Accounts

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