April 14

Video Case Study: Suda Ratnam of Raffingers discusses MyWorkpapers

Paul talks to Suda Ratnam about how  MyWorkpapers has been wholeheartedly adopted at Raffingers.  

Suda describes the system and plan they used to test the software before introducing it to the team.  By creating a small prototype team of mixed levels of seniority across the firm headed up by Suda they were able to flush out any questions or queries prior to rolling it out across the firm.
Suda and his team really believes in MyWorkpapers and the way that is has streamlined their internal processes within the firm - in this case study he describes the saving of turnaround time, the benefit to cashflow and the onboarding process they used to minimise any resistance to change. Suda makes it quite clear that each and every one of the team at Raffingers are raving fans of MyWorkpapers.

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