January 28

Video Case Study: Jonathan Vowles and Coral Tolley-Fletcher discuss AdvanceTrack

JVCA are a firm based in Cranfield, Milton Keynes.

Jonathan Vowles and Coral Tolley-Fletcher talk about the benefits (hoped for and unexpected) of working with AdvanceTrack outsourcing.

In this candid discussion they share openly with Paul Shrimpling about the initial reason they looked to outsourcing to resolve a very pressing work load issue that led to them seeing AdvanceTrack outsourcing as an integral part of their business model and plans for the future.

Coral shares how, by freeing up their client management team from the routine compliance work, they have been able to spend more high-value time with their clients which is both more interesting for their team and of even greater value to their clients.

Jonathan describes how working with AdvanceTrack and the need to focus in on specific parts of the workflow has highlighted  uncharged work that was being done within the firm just to get the accounts to a point where they could be processed.  It's led to increased fees and a more profitable and transparent workflow.

Paul summarises the discussion with "I think without any shadow of a doubt,  it's the quality of the relationship between your team and your client that's really benefitted, and if you can free the client managers' time up by using outsourcing well you'll be able to drive high quality relationships and secure client loyalty resulting in them sponsoring more positive word of mouth for the firm."

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