August 8

Video Case Study: Steve Price of BWP Inspire discusses VFD Pro

Listen to Steve Price talk about the difference VFD Pro is making and will make in the future to his accountancy firm.

Steve admits they are on a journey with VFD Pro, but that it will start to be embedded in all their client meetings and will be at the heart of the journey they go on with their clients so that they can elevate the quality and content of their client conversations.

Steve breaks the value of VFD Pro down into 3 parts:

1 - The client discussion model report - is a great icebreaker and he will start all client conversations with this

2 - Its ability to forecast and accurately value your client’s business

3 - And the plethora of reports

It enables you to have a conversation with your client and have the answer to almost everything.

The team response and the training offered means that the time VFD Pro will save them enable them as a whole team to have more client conversations and have all the data to hand.

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