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About VFD Pro

Deliver Value & Charge For It - Don't Waste Time
Time Is Money - VFD Pro Makes Advisory Easy

The 3 Levels of Business Advisory:

  1. 1
    Enhanced Management Reporting
  2. 2
    Part-time Finance Director
  3. 3
    Business Growth Advice and Support

VFD Pro makes all three super easy to deliver

10 Seconds = Waste No time

VFD Pro’s 10 second one-time setup is all it takes to ‘Wow’ clients and start delivering ‘Advisory’ value immediately. No time-consuming setup and no precious time wasted learning how to use new software. If you offer ‘Advisory’, or want to offer ‘Advisory’ you will love what VFD pro can do for you…

Business Growth Advisory

Become an overnight sensation with clients and with prospects by delivering incredibly valuable Management Reporting. Where appropriate become the part-time FD many SME business owners need because the number one thing Business Owners crave is effective Business Growth support.

Ask the right questions

The best advisors don’t have all the answers, they have great questions: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. VFD Pro highlights the right questions to ask, whilst tracking and reporting on the key performance indicators the business needs to monitor and control both their ‘inputs’ and their ‘outputs’.

Your Client’s Finance Team

Big companies have a financial team: Finance Director, Financial Controller, Bookkeepers, Credit Control… Small businesses typically have no financial knowledge or controls. Be your clients ‘financial team’, VFD Pro delivers reporting, you deliver invaluable advice and charge accordingly.

Automated ‘FC’ Function

Financial Controllers extract data, to analyse and create the management reports Business Owners need, done properly it can consume as much as 2 days per month. VFD Pro totally automates the process delivering far more detailed, accurate and insightful information to guide decision making.

Forward Facing Finance

To Business Owners, Statutory Accounts are ancient history and of little practical value. Business Owners will happily pay for information and support that helps them improve future performance and, they value it far more than ‘compliance’. VFD pro doesn’t just give you software, it’s so much more.